Imagine a world

 Imagine a world where there is no water, food, shelter, hospital or school. Imagine a world where there is water, food and manageable shelter. Imagine a world where there is no hospital and school. Imagine Ado Azunu, a community in Karu Local Government Area of Nasarawa State without any hospital and school! Then imagine a community in this twenty-first century where children would have to trek a distance of about 5KM along busy paths on daily basis to school, and 5KM back just to access and acquire education. Then imagine the level of risk and dangers these children are exposed to, in the cause of them trying to access education in the face of the present national insecurities! Then, imagine a situation whereby children would have to cross a stream to get to school, and in the event of heavy downpour (rain) they become stranded and can not go back to their homes because the stream is over flooded. Kindly journey with me to a world, where people would have to trek or travel a distance of 5KM before accessing a health facility. Then think about a case of emergency where there are no means of mobility, what would become the fate of the inhabitants (dwellers) of such a community? Imagine a case of a pregnant woman whose labour commences in the middle of the night, and there are no means of mobility to convey her to the nearest hospital which is about 5KM away. These are the plights of the people of Ado Azunu in Karu Local Government Area of Nasarawa State. Crystal Care Touching Lives Foundation (CCTLF) has identified the needs of this community and we poised to partner with you in order to bring soccur to the people of Ado Azunu. They deserve a better life than what they have presently, please let’s join hands together to make Ado Azunu a better place. They really need our help!

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