Free Skill Acquisition and Human Empowerment Programme

“Give a man fish(es) and you would be feeding him only for a moment, but teach him how to fish (catch fish), and you would be feeding him for the rest of his life.” It was based on the above, that CRYSTAL CARE TOUCHING LIVES FOUNDATION (CCTLF) organized a FREE SKILL ACQUISITION and HUMAN EMPOWERMENT programme at Kabusa, AMAC in Abuja – FCT. The programme was in two aspects:

1. Free Skills Acquisition

2. Human Empowerment. In the areas of Skill Acquisition; participants were taught how to do the following: Cake Baking, Making of Small Chops such as Shawarma, Samosa, Meat Pie, Buns, Doughnuts, Puff-Puff, etc. free of charge in other to discourage idleness and over-dependence on the Government for White-Collar jobs (that are barely available). There by making them self-employed and reliant. While in the aspect of Human Empowerment, Grants were made available to participants with outstanding performances to enable them venture into Small and Medium Scale Enterprises thereby bring out the “Boss(es)” in them.

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